There's Going To Be One Very Big Change To 'You' Season 2

On the day after Christmas, Netflix users were able to discover the new series of the moment: You. In it, you'll see Penn Badgley, the former Gossip Girl star, play an obsessed lover. Season 2 is coming and here is everything we can tell you about it so far.

We loved his cute face in Gossip Girl and we discovered him in serial lover form in Netflix series You: we're obviously talking about Penn Badgley. While it initially aired on Lifetime in the United States, the series managed to win over Netflix users, who will have the chance to discover season 2 exclusively. For now, the exact date of its release is unknown, but it will be around the end of 2019.

A change of scenery

[Spoiler Alert] While the theme of the series will obviously remain the same, several changes were announced. The first? They will leave New York and head to Los Angeles. That's enough to rattle Joe, who's already troubled by his life and his mood swings.

"At first glance, this is not the kind of city that Joe would like," Sera Gamble, showrunner, told The Hollywood Reporter.

These are not the only things that will disturb him: while the death of Beck (Elizabeth Lail) is not going to hit him hard for the moment, that of Peach could very well threaten him... and that's an understatement! At the end of season 1, we found out that an investigator had been hired to shed light on the young woman's death.

"He is very concerned that Peach Salinger's family has hired people to investigate her suicide and there is still evidence in his house," Sera Gamble recalls.

New characters such as Candace, played by Ambyr Childers, will also come in.

"She has a part in season 2. I can't say that she's really going to be nice to Joe. He didn't treat her very well," Sera Gamble told Vulture. Another character who could come back: Dr. Nicky played by John Stamos. We can't wait to discover all the mishaps of our troubling and magnetic Joe...

Check out the video above for more on season 2!

Netflix Announces Another Exciting New Addition To The You Season 2 Cast Netflix Announces Another Exciting New Addition To The You Season 2 Cast