Penn Badgley Hits Back At Fans Romanticising His 'You' Character

The new Netflix series "You" has been very popular for the last few weeks. It's the story of a young bookseller named Joe who becomes obsessed with a young woman named Beck - who he just met.

"You" is both disturbing and fascinating. The story is told from Joe's point of view, so we know all of his most obscene thoughts about Beck. While at first, Joe just seems crazy in love with this girl, this love will turn into a real obsession. Joe is what you'd call a stalker, a harasser. He will follow his victim, know everything about her in every detail. It's really scary.

Harassment is seductive

Surprisingly, women seem to be seduced by this stalker. After seeing tweets expressing admiration or fascination for Joe's character, actor Penn Badgley was indignant and responded to messages from fans who "think it's cool to be stalked by an attractive man."

Here's a sneak peek:

- "It's your face. You're beautiful. It's the reason I'm able to look past all these crazy things." @rose_barbie_

- "But you're supposed to look beyond my face, which is not exactly an excuse for all this foolishness. On the contrary." @PennBladgley

The actor recalls that his character is a killer, a psychopath. Even though he has the "face of an angel," that does not excuse the fact that he kidnaps, spies and kills. Since when does beauty justify murder?

Joe is the perfect toxic and dangerous guy

During auditions, Penn Badgley had already hesitated to accept the role of Joe Goldberg. To him, this character embodied the perfect toxic and dangerous guy. He dreaded fans thinking his romantic, protective demeanor would downplay the fact that he's playing a psycho-stalker! His fears came true.

For a few days, Penn Badgley has been reminding fans that they should not like this character, but rather be disgusted by him. So ladies, trust us, even though Joe Goldberg has a pretty face, he will not hesitate to lock you in his glass cage. Beware...

Check out the video above for more on 'You'...

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