Michele Morrone from Netflix's 365 Days Opens Up About the 'Explicit' Sex Scenes

Netflix users have been all over the movie 365 Days since it was released. Recently, Michele Morrone, who plays Massimo, opened up about the sex scenes...

Coming in hot! Actor Michele Morrone rose to fame after 365 Days was released on Netflix. This Polish film, which millions of viewers have seen already, is very similar to movie theatre-friendly erotic films like Fifty Shades of Gray. However, 365 Days features rather explicit sex scenes that have sparked controversy on the Internet.

The most common concerns were related to "non-consensual" sex scenes and the misrepresentation of Stockholm syndrome. The steamy film has been strongly criticized for romanticizing said syndrome, among other things, such as sexual assault and psychological violence.

An internet user wrote about it on Twitter:

I don't understand how everyone on Twitter is romanticizing a movie about kidnapping, physical and sexual violence, and abusive psychopaths.

Recently, actor Michele Morrone - who plays the main character - broke his silence and opened up about the sex scenes he had to shoot with his on-screen partner Anna-Maria Sieklucka.

He told E! Online:

In the beginning, filming the erotic moments was kind of weird because Sieklucka and I had just become such good friends. For me, it wasn't hard to do that because, as an actor, I always wanted to be real in everything I do. So normal sex scene, I just want it to be real because I want to have done my work in the purest way ever.

For more information, check out the video above!

Actor Michele Morrone (Massimo) reacts to the criticism surrounding the film ‘365 Days’ Actor Michele Morrone (Massimo) reacts to the criticism surrounding the film ‘365 Days’