This Bizarre And Cruel Russian Trend Uses LIVE ANIMALS For Nail Art

This Bizarre And Cruel Russian Trend Uses LIVE ANIMALS For Nail Art

The Russian nail salon Nail Sunny is known for its crazy creations. But with its latest video on Instagram, the beauty salon has made itself seriously unpopular online.

We have seen some pretty questionable nail art trends recently. But Nail Sunny have taken things one step too far. The studio's latest trend is to capture live ants and lock them in a small cavity of acrylic nails. As the shocking video shows, the insects in it are alive and desperately trying to find a way out. Just like other animals, it is unnatural for ants to be locked up in such a small space.

Although Nail Sunny claims otherwise, it's hard to believe that the tiny animals will not be harmed during this procedure. After all, they have no access to food or water. And whether enough oxygen penetrates through the acrylic nails or not is questionable.

Animal friendly alternatives

There is nothing fashionable about this so-called 'nail art' - and almost all of the salon's followers are calling on them to put a stop to it. Many let their anger show in the comments.

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'That's disgusting! Animals are not a fashion trend' writes one user, while another adds, 'You have no right to take a creature out of its environment and suffocate it.'


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