Ombre Nail Art Is The Latest Trend Driving The Internet Wild
Ombre Nail Art Is The Latest Trend Driving The Internet Wild
Ombre Nail Art Is The Latest Trend Driving The Internet Wild
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Ombre Nail Art Is The Latest Trend Driving The Internet Wild

To all nail artists that are really good with a nail varnish brush and who always want to try new nail trends, here is how to get the new ombre nails! Very fashionable but also a lot trickier that just applying one colour of nail varnish, why not try this new trend and make all eyes turn to you for a few minutes. Here’s everything you need to know!

Ombre nail art: what is it?

Ombre nail art, it’s nothing more than playing with colours and layering the lighter shades on top of the darker ones. In other words, you have to morph the lighter shades and mix them with the darker shades, blurring them into each other as you do so. To select the colours you want to use, there are endless choices and ideas on Instagram that you can check out by searching #ombrenails. There are more than a million three hundred thousand photos to be more exact! Which is more than enough to give you a few ideas. For now though, concentrate and we’ll let you know how to do it!

How to easily get ombre nail art

At risk of offending every nail art enthusiast out there, the first thing you should do is prepare your nails by soaking them in hot water, pushing your cuticles back and using a solvent cotton on your nails to get rid of the sebum. Before starting, you will need to choose the colours you want to work with. It’s possible to choose up to 4 colours, but for beginners or people trying this trend for the first time, two or three nail varnish colours is enough.

Apply a protective base to your nails just like you normally would. Then apply a layer of nail varnish, using the lightest shade of your selected colours.

Take a make-up sponge and carefully apply your chosen colours evenly to the sponge, going from the lightest colour to the darkest. Remember, the idea is to create a gradient.

Delicately take the sponge with the nail varnish on and press it onto your nails, gently pressing it down on all sides to make sure you cover the whole nail.

Clean the excess nail varnish from your fingers from around your nails once the varnish has dried.

Apply a top coat to finish your style.

Flaunt your new nails! Your friends will be positively green with envy!

Check out the video above for a full tutorial!

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