This Baby Gorilla Tries To Be Scary - And It's Adorable...

This Baby Gorilla Tries To Be Scary - And It's Adorable...

This baby gorilla was feeling threatened by the tourists around him - and they filmed his attempts to scare them away...

Tourists film a young gorilla on the ground. It feels threatened and decides to chase them away by imitating its father's gestures. So, it strikes its chest. However, its young age doesn't allow for much stability, so the little gorilla falls on its back.

Beware of the gorilla

The gorilla is an animal that attacks only very rarely. Their protection system is actually defensive. Indeed, by making a lot of noise, especially through chest beating and movements, gorillas hope to scare predators who might get a bit too close, like these tourists. Generally, these techniques work very well, especially since they are learned from a young age, as proven by this video.

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An adorable video

In this video, the little gorilla tries to impress the tourists. Unfortunately, the baby gorilla is still too young and loses its balance upon trying to beat its little fists against its chest. Faced with the laughter of the people filming, the gorilla tries several times to impress them, but fails. Its ego was probably a bit bruised, but it gave us a good dose of laughter (and cuteness).

Check out the video above to see this little gorilla in action! 

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