This Girl Has The Secret To The Perfect Behind - And She's Ready To Share...

This Girl Has The Secret To The Perfect Behind - And She's Ready To Share...

Thanks to an efficient sports discipline and an adapted diet, this Canadian has managed to carve out a dream body, but also some glutes to make Kim Kardashian green with envy. And even better - she tells us how!

Originally from Ontario (Canada), Destiny Stephens has a perfect body shaped by the hours she devotes to the gym. But above all, she managed in a few years to carve an exceptional XXL derriere.

Her secret? A lot of physical exercise (she spends between 60 to 90 minutes each day at the gym to work precisely every muscle she wants to develop) and she devotes no less than 4 whole days to muscle only her buttocks. But all this would be for naught if Destiny did not follow a suitable diet that allows her to complete these efforts at the gym.

‘To gain muscle and maintain my body, my diet is very rich in protein and moderate in carbohydrates,’ says the young woman who explains that eating at a fixed time feeds her body more effectively.

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Four meals a day consisting of chocolate protein milkshakes, chicken, vegetables and starchy foods (pasta, rice, sweet potatoes...). A diet that isn’t too varied, but very targeted, which seems to satisfy the young woman, since it allows her to achieve the desired results. ‘To have a butt like this you need to eat more rather than trying to lose weight,’ advises the young woman who allows herself to eat a lot of protein food without having to count calories.

Check out the video for more from Destiny! 

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