This 20-Year-Old Woman Is Helping Benefit Smash Stereotypes In A Brilliant Way

This 20-Year-Old Woman Is Helping Benefit Smash Stereotypes In A Brilliant Way

At a time when it seems the beauty industry’s criteria is impossible to achieve or escape from, the American cosmetic company Benefit Cosmetics has broken the rules by choosing Kate Grant as their ambassador, a young woman who has Down syndrome.

Benefit Cosmetics has hit back hard! Over the past few days on Instagram, the brand has proudly been posting photos of their 20-year-old ambassador, Kate Grant. The model from Northern Ireland shares the idea that diversity and inclusion are values that should be both defended and advocated for in our society.

By making this strategic marketing choice, the model has been smashing stereotypes and casting a new light on what different beauty styles, body types and body shapes there are out there. Recruiting this young model to represent their brand was a way for Benefit to declare their desire to change how people think about beauty and the norms that have been dictated to us all for far too long.

Benefit, a brand followed by millions of women all across the world, fully supports body positivity and this is just the beginning for the beauty era that refuses to conform to particular standards. Young Kate, who was the first person with Down syndrome to win Teen Ultimate Beauty Of The World pageant last year, became an inspiration for teens with and without disabilities.

As part of her new-found responsibilities, Kate gets to travel the entire world and meet boutique clients in all four corners of the globe. As well as her pretty face, Kate has a clear head and knows that she has a mission to accomplish. There is no doubt that her determination will overcome even the most old-fashioned mindsets.

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Check out the video above for more on Kate and her brilliant achievements! 

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