The Appalling Reason Michael Jackson Always Had A High-Pitched Voice

The entire world was aware of the conflicts between the King of Pop and his father, Joe Jackson. Michael Jackson’s father, who has recently died, wasn’t known for being the most affectionate father with his son.

According to certain rumours, Michael Jackson got plastic surgery so that he didn’t look like his dad, who had mistreated him as a child. According to recent statements from Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray, who was also accused and sentenced to four years in prions for causing the star's death, Michael's high voice was probably caused by his dad.

Shocking statements

The founder of The Jackson 5 died on the 27th June 2018 at the old age of 89, after suffering from pancreatic cancer. This group made Michael Jackson well known throughout the whole world at just 6 years old.

Watching the growing star that his son became, the man of the Jackson family household definitely wanted to keep this success going. Conrad Murray’s statements on The Blast are terrible.

He said that 'Joe Jackson was one of the worst fathers to his children in history. I knew and cared for Michael very well. He told me of the many sufferings at the hands of his father that he encountered. It was dreadful. Beyond imagination and words.'

Among the many horrors that Michael Jackson had to experience, the doctor revealed something very chilling. He said that the singer had been 'chemically castrated' by his father 'to maintain his high-pitched voice.'

We guess Joe Jackson’s reputation won’t be improving after these latest shocking revelations.

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