Top 5 Ultimate Red Lipsticks To Get You Sizzling For Valentine's Day

Love it, hate it or just outright avoid it, Valentine's day is fast approaching. Whatever your plans are, who said you can't raise the heat as soon as the 14th of February rolls around? And if there's one flawless way to do that, it's smothering your pout with some red lippy. And here's where we step in to help...

If there's anything to go by when it comes to red lipstick, it's that there isn't just one shade. From scarlet to ruby red, orange-toned to pink-toned - hell, even the texture itself makes a whole difference to how your pout turns out, whether that's velvet or matte. Aside from being confused out of your mind about which red lippy to turn to, the varieties in all things red allows you to have a lot of fun and find your shade... Just in time for Valentine's day.

To help things along (even cupid needs a helping hand sometimes), we've compiled a list of our favourite shades that got rave reviews left, right and centre, meaning they tick the boxes for look, comfort and wear so you can feel hotter than ever. Check out our video to see our top five lippies along with our tips to get your perfect pout:

#1 Pick your shade: depending on the undertone of your skin, your shade of lipstick should follow in its footsteps. If you have a yellow undertone in your skin, go for a warmer-toned red - ideally with a touch of orange. If you have a pink undertone, opt for a cool-toned lippy with a pink hume.

#2 Prep, prep, prep: red ain't anything to mess with, so make sure to prep your pout for the part. Make sure to gently exfoliate your lips to get rid of any dead skin or residue, apply a light layer of lip balm and use a red lip liner to outline the shape of your lips before filling them in with your ultimate shade.

#3 Match and complete the look: if you go bold with your lippy, avoid going overboard on the eyes as not to overwhelm your overall look. Stick to a light smokey eye or a nude look for the eyes and keep the attention on that gorgeous pout. Set the look by lining a little concealer around the outline of the lips before adding a touch of loose powder to keep your lippy from shifting.

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