This Drugstore Mascara Is As Effective As Those Sold By Luxury Brands

Are you tired of paying a fortune for a mascara that has no effect on your eyelashes? Check out the revolutionary mascara that will transform your look and make your eyes pop!

Are you tired of trying all kinds of tricks to get the perfect eyelashes every morning? Are those volumizing mascaras, eyelash curlers and serums not working? No worries. We've found a solution, and it comes straight from the United States.

Just like many other young women, Holly Rhue, a journalist for ELLE US, was addicted to eyelash extensions. But over time, this habit turned into an obsessed. On a quest for the perfect eye-makeup look, with long, black, extra-thick eyelashes, she booked appointment after appointment and ended up seeing an aesthetician several times a month. But after a while, her lashes started to fall out and become more and more sparse. The only lashes that survived had become thin, soft and brittle.

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Get the doe-eyed look

So, she started to spend a fortune on a whole lot of miracle cures, to no avail. Until a friend told her about a "miracle" mascara. This mascara, which you can get at the drugstore for a handful of pounds, was a godsend. Which mascara is this, you ask? The "Colossal" from Maybelline.

From the first try, the young woman realized that her eyelashes were thicker and fuller. In this article, she revealed a surprising before/after, where she goes from having barely visible lashes to a nice, black and curved look. She says she only needed to apply a few layers to achieve this crazy, MUA-worthy, effect. So, what are you waiting for?

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