The Most-Searched Beauty Brands On Google Might Well Surprise You...

Try your luck at naming 10 brands that you think would be the most searched for on the internet. And we bet that none of you will be able to name them all. Just like us, you think you know everything about cosmetic companies, and as you’re going to see, the result is quite surprising.

Although the UK is in quite a good position when it comes to luxury brands, it’s not all because of those such as Vivienne Westwood or Harrods. Consumers all over the world definitely have their own personal tastes, brands and budgets. Here’s the list of the world’s favourite brands!


Charlotte Tiburry

Makeup Revolution

Thrive Causmetics

Pat McGrath

Milk Makeup

L’Oréal Paris


Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lilly Lashes

We’ll give you a bit of information about all these beauty brands that are making a killing throughout the world.

Beautycounter is a brand from the United States that produces environmentally-friendly cosmetic products that don’t contain chemicals.

Charlotte Tiburry is a young British artist that is doing really well with her makeup brand. This high-class brand was born out of the creator’s passion for the transformative power that makeup offers.

Makeup Revolution is doing really well because it’s a brand that offers very high-quality products at affordable prices. That’s the key to their success.

Thrive Causemetics is a brand that was created by a makeup artist from California and the ingredients she uses in her cosmetics are very important to her. The prices are very affordable, but unfortunately, the packaging is a bit cheap.

The Pat McGrath, named after its creator, has had its sales blowing up. She’s a 48-year-old makeup artist to the stars and is one of the most influential makeup artists in the world. Her products are high-quality, and the packaging is elegant and low-key.

Milk Makeup isn’t very well known in the UK but in the United States, its sales are doing very well.

L’Oréal Paris doesn’t need introducing. The brand could even be the world leader in cosmetics. Congratulations!

Shiseido also doesn’t need any introductions. The business that was born in 1872 is now available all over the world.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for their revolutionary brow products. Sold in the UK within Sephora stores, these products are a big success all over the world.

Lilly Lashes is used by the biggest American stars. The brand specialises in fake 3D eyelashes and has been enormously successful across the Atlantic.

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