The Internet Is Going Wild For This New Lip Colour

If it’s not pink, nude or red, we tend to be quite scared to put it on our lips. And brown is no exception. Our mission? To change your mind with a few little inspirational ideas.

Brown is one of those audacious colours that you have to have confidence to pull off. However, applied smoothly, this shade can actually end up going really well with your look, both day and night. We’ve put together some ideas for you that might spark your inspiration.

Brown definitely is an obvious and captivating colour, but worn with appropriate shades, it could be perfect. We suggest you play about with similar shades and colours and try out a smoky look, maroon, taupe or even burgundy. Or if not, you could even go for applying a bit of eye-liner to subtly emphasise your look.

If you want a cleaner and sleeker look, choose one eye shadow colour, maybe something light like a pastel pink, pale yellow or even beige. If you always go for a more natural palette, try applying just a light touch of mascara, or don’t wear make-up at all on your eyes. It’s important to make sure your complexion is even and smooth so that your skin glows and your face doesn’t look tarnished.

There you go, now it’s up to you to play about - we love this Revlon lustrous lipstick in Superstar Brown or if you want to go for an even more budget-friendly option to test this look out, Maybelline's Color Sensational lipstick in Naked Brown is available for just £4.50!

Check out the video above for a tutorial on how to rock this look!

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