She Does Mind-Blowing Makeup Using Just A Sponge

She Does Mind-Blowing Makeup Using Just A Sponge

Eyebrows, eye-shadow, red lips, this make-up pro does it all using a ‘beauty blender’ sponge.

Doing all your make-up using just one tool? Challenge accepted!

This Instagram user Marjan who goes by @YoungCouture_ on the social media site took on the challenge proposed by the brand ‘June&Co’. The challenge was to do all your make up using just one tool: a sponge.

Although the foundation and the base for the rest of the make-up wouldn’t be too difficult to do, doing your eyes is a completely different story. While we’re all used to applying eye shadow with brushes, you weren’t allowed to for this challenge. So, she took a few eye-shadow colours and applied them to her eyelids. The result is spectacular. What’s even better, the influencer even put on lipstick. How you ask? By smearing the lipstick on the sponge and then dabbing this sponge on her lips. And to top it all off, she even decided to put a bit of gloss on. Simply incredible.

• Anna Wilkins
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