Are you being cushioned? Here’s how to watch out for the toxic dating trend

Just when you think that you have heard of enough new toxic dating trends, there comes another. Cushioning is that one trend, we don’t wish ever existed.

Being in a relationship and dating should ideally be a fun part of our lives. However, as the world evolves the dating world does too and online dating contributes to it a lot. With so many dating options available at just a swipe or a click, new toxic dating trends are likely to emerge every now and then. Here’s what you need to know about being cushioned.

What is cushioning?

You know that early stages of dating where you and your partner may both be looking out for better options? Yeah, now replace it with a time when you’re both deep in the relationship. Meaning, one of you is thinking of your future together, while the other is looking out for a better option. Cushioning is what we use to refer to as having a backup plan or plan B — or, in other words, having someone waiting in the wings.

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It's having different dating options if your current relationship doesn't work out. Cushioning can range from outright infidelity on a committed partner to playful texting with fresh potential singles. The cushion is there to soften the blow of a breakup. Cushioning does not always imply physical cheating; it can also be emotional.

Are you being cushioned?

Here are some warning signs for you to look out for because honestly, who wants to be someone who has one foot out of the door all the time?

Hot and Cold behaviour

Some days you make plans to backpack the entire world together and on others, it’s difficult to even get a text back from them. Sounds familiar? (Hope not!) but if your partner has a hot and cold attitude towards the relationship that leaves you irritated and confused, it’s time to have the talk!

Something is off, but don’t know what

The two of you have sat down and discussed how the vibe of the relationship feels off, but you still cannot tap on what it is. A person who is cushioning you would not accept it while you wouldn’t anticipate it coming from the potential love of your life.

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Mystery is no fun

Not being able to spend time together for plausible reasons is okay, we are all adults. However, failing to tell you the reason or being secretive can be a warning sign. If they seem nonchalant about not telling you about their whereabouts, they may be seeing other people.

Instagram official

After a certain point in a relationship, everyone likes to make it official – be it on Instagram or in real life. If you are being cushioned, your partner would never make the relationship public for obvious reasons. They might not even make you meet their friends or family.

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