10 Good Reasons To Give Online Dating A Try

Are you thinking about it but having trouble working up the courage to do it? Here are 10 good reasons to sign up for a dating site!

Are you hesitant to look for love online? Here are 10 good reasons to do it!

1. Nothing to lose, everything to gain! It might just help you kill time, but you might also find the love of your life, anything is possible! So, how many messages did you get today?

2. The screen barrier. If you're shy, this is perfect for you! When you're dating online or through an app, you have control over your image, not just your profile picture!

3. It's useful in the winter! In the summer, everyone's outside and it's easier to meet people... but in the winter? It's all about the big knit turtlenecks, runny red noses....meh. You might as well cuddle up and swipe through dating profiles!

4. You immediately know their star sign! Useful information to help determine your compatibility!

5. You've probably already received a sleazy message that made you laugh so hard you had to share it with your friends! There's nothing wrong with a little fun, right?

6. Ignore, swipe... Not interested? No problem! You can delete them or block them... Can't do that when someone's bothering you at a bar, can you?

Check out the last 4 reasons in the video!

Online dating: Here's how you can be safe while looking for love Online dating: Here's how you can be safe while looking for love