With Applications For Love Island Now Open, Here's Everything You Need To Know

Whilst you may have been swooning over the lads and looking up to the girls of Love Island throughout its previous series, could you be one of the next islanders to take the reigns and set the pace in 2019?

New year? New islanders! Conveniently enough, ITV2 have dropped the bomb on new year's eve which opens the gates to a brand new annual series of Love Island of 2019 - starting with the islanders, of course. This very much means that you could end up jetting off to the Majorcan villa in search of a beau of your dreams!

We've had Zara giving us a little insight into what the recruiting process might entail, now the producers of Love Island themselves have set the bar regarding what they're looking for when it comes to potential islanders. Firstly, of course, applicants must be single because duh! How are you supposed to find yourself hot new love whilst trotting around in a luxury villa when your current other half is watching you on the telly with daggers? Let's face it, if that was the case, half of the British nation would face unrest.

Beyond the first quintessential trait an islander must have, it's not the only one that must be fulfilled. Check out our guide on what you can expect before applying. Who knows what may happen? We've got faith in you...

Love Island: Here's everything you need to know about season eight so far Love Island: Here's everything you need to know about season eight so far