Will Love Island Lose Lie Detector Following End Of Jeremy Kyle?

Will Love Island Lose Lie Detector Following End Of Jeremy Kyle?

It seems that for the upcoming series of Love Island, ITV2 bosses have their work cut out in order to ensure the show runs smoothly; to keep the balance between their usual well-loved, drama-filled content while simultaneously prioritising the mental health of the upcoming contestants.

Already several new procedures have been introduced to ensure the overall mental stability and comfort of the 2019 islanders. But in light of recent events, it appears that more needs to be done, or at least considered.

It has recently come to attention that following a suicide, The Jeremy Kyle Show has been axed. The daytime chat show that has successfully infiltrated the lives of many British citizens has securely held a place on weekday morning television for the past 14 years. However, following a recent tragic event, much uncertainty has surrounded the show.

While recording for an upcoming episode, a guest, Steve Dymond, failed a lie detector test, supposedly signalling a confirmation of his unfaithfulness. While this is a common occurrence on the show which sees the demise of relationships, families and marriages on a daily basis, the following days paved the way for the tragic death of the participant.

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Unfortunately, there are two ex-islanders who have committed suicide following their appearance in the Love island villa and while no direct link has been made, ITV2 bosses are keen to do what it takes to prevent something of a similar nature occurring in the future.

A TV insider revealed to The Sun, “The lie detector episode is everyone’s favourite but it does cause some serious arguments between couples.”

It is therefore under wide speculation that the lie detector may be scrapped altogether as a preventative measure.

Click the video to find out what other measures are already in place for this year’s islanders!

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