These Throwback Photos Prove Just How Much The Islanders Have Really Changed

It’s no doubt that we all change dramatically over the course of our late teens and early twenties, so check out the video to see some of the most dramatic islander transformations we have come across so far!

Love Island, the nation’s most-watched reality TV show, sees some of the most attractive singletons compete on-screen to “find love” but also win a £50,000 prize and snag the lucrative career of an influencer for the foreseeable future.

Various studies have since revealed that the show promotes unrealistic beauty standards, in effect leaving many viewers feeling insecure in their physical appearance and pressured to take drastic surgical action or strive for unattainable fitness goals.

So in a bid to lighten the mood, we’ve dug around web to compile the biggest islander transformations to prove to all ordinary people that the current contestants are still #relatable, normal people.

Callum MaCloed, in particular, bears a striking resemblance to just about every guy who first discovered hair gel during the terrible 2000s. Despite the ill-effect, the costly ‘do’ was considered a status symbol to maintain as lads surely went through new a tub of gel every other day.

Lucie Donlan is another islander who fell victim to the bad tastes of the noughties. Clear evidence points to her “tweezers” initiation which generally involves deleting up to 50% off each brow. They never do grow back quite the same.

Check out the video for a closer look!

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Do These Photos Prove This Love Island Couple Is On The Rocks Already!? Do These Photos Prove This Love Island Couple Is On The Rocks Already!?