These Former Love Island BFFs Are Now In Full-On Bride Wars

Cara de la Hoyde has apparently been left devastated after Olivia Buckland dropped her as a bridesmaid.

After it was revealed last month that Olivia Buckland had dropped former BFF and Love Island co-star as a bridesmaid, more details on the situation are now emerging - and it seems the decision was a lot less mutual than Olivia originally implied.

Sharing the news, Olivia told Now magazine 'Cara’s got [son] Freddie now and when I asked her [to be a bridesmaid] she was a lot less busy and I thought she could handle the pressure.'

Pressed on whether this meant their friendship was on the rocks, Olivia said 'We both don’t need that label. You don’t have to be a bridesmaid to know that we are good friends. We're very honest with each other.'

However, Cara has now spoken out about her own feelings on the matter - and even revealed that she has decided she WON'T be attending Olivia's wedding at all! Unsurprisingly, Olivia will now not be serving as a bridesmaid for Cara when she marries Nathan Massey.

Check out the video above to see exactly what Cara had to say on the matter!

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