Someone's Getting Dumped Tonight And Danny Reckons It's All Down To Him

Tonight’s episode will see one of the girls savagely dumped from the island, and one islander is convinced that he has all the power. Check out the video to find out what this cocky contestant had to say!

Love Island, the UK’s most-watched reality TV show, has been steadily bringing love and heartache over the last three weeks, and the latest love triangle is almost distressing to watch.

Danny Williams, the 21-year-old model from Hull has found himself at the centre of two girls fighting for his attention. But with a shock dumping in tonight’s episode, he now believes the power is in his hands.

Yewande Biala, former love interest of Danny for approximately 12 days, seems most likely to leave the villa given her recent failed attempts at affection, involving sitting on the model while he ‘gets to know’ new-arrival, Arabella Chi.

Another contestant at risk in tonight’s dumping is Maura Higgins, the straight-talking Longford lass. After securing a night in the Hideaway with a boy of her choice, the model caught Tom Walker cruelly boasting to the boys of his expectations for the night.

Users took to Twitter to brand Tom a “sexist pig” after the incident. One user argued it “is a prime example of how women are objectified for expressing liking sex”. Another ridiculed the model, “Tom doesn’t speak for 5 days and the causes drama with that one sentence loooool”.

Check out to see what Danny has to say on tonight’s dumping!

Image: Digital Spy

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