Sharon reveals truth about her ‘fake’ row with Hugo

Dumped Love Islander Sharon Gaffka has revealed her showdown with Hugo wasn’t all it seemed...

While many viewers complained that Love Island 2021 got off to a slow start, one of the most dramatic moments was Sharon Gaffka and Faye Winter’s row with Hugo Hammond after he revealed in a challenge that his biggest turn-off was ‘fakeness’.

Viewers saw the girls—who have both been open about having cosmetic procedures—take offence to Hugo’s comments. This led to a big row which divided both the villa and viewers at home. It even contributed to the breakdown of Sharon and Aaron’s coupling, as he felt Sharon overreacted.

The truth about Sharon and Hugo’s fight

Now that she’s out of the villa, Sharon is setting the record straight about what really went down. Appearing on Capital Xtra this week, Sharon said:

It was more than the comments made in the game, that really threw me off the edge a bit with those comments. You don't get to see everything that happens and there's more to that, when I brought it up to him.

She continued:

It's not his preference that's the problem, it's the negative connotations that he used. So, for me I have no issues with his preference, everyone has a preference in everything, that's completely okay. I basically just wanted to say to him, 'Be a bit careful with the language that you.

Did Sharon and Hugo make up?

After the blazing row, Sharon and Hugo did make up on-screen. However, since leaving the villa she has also slammed him for his dramatic recoupling speech tearing into Toby. On her Instagram story, she said:

One thing I don't like about Hugo's speech is that Hugo openly admitted to me that he enabled Chloe and Toby to crack on... So for me, what goes around comes around.

Something tells us Hugo and Sharon aren’t destined to be besties!

Hugo reveals secret event of Love Island that is never aired on TV Hugo reveals secret event of Love Island that is never aired on TV