Okay Guys, This Is What The Eagle Really Is...

The fifth series of Love Island, the nation’s most-watched reality TV show, kicked off this week and already it is proving to be a truly educational experience. Despite how questionable that statement may be, check out the video to find out Curtis Pritchard’s favourite position!

While plenty of drama unfolded on our screens just last night, what was most distracting was the question puzzling viewers nationwide. What in the world is the Eagle position?

Curtis Pritchard, the 23-year-old ballroom and Latin dancer, has caused quite the stir since entering the villa and seems to have stolen the attention of at least two other islanders despite his late entry to the villa.

But asides from his charming manner and Ken-doll-esque looks, the dancing star has much more to bring to the table in the form of educating contestants on daring new positions that many have not even heard of.

How could a guy that looks so vanilla be the only one who knows what the ‘Eagle’ is? It appears that the islander with the strictest code regarding intimacy on air could turn out to be the ultimate daredevil between the sheets – as long as they're in his bedroom, that is.

Either way, at a rate of £1.48 per/hour we think Curtis Pritchard is due a raise for the exorbitant mass of online traffic he generated from the flippant suggestion.

There seems to be many variations of the original move, which is listed as one of the hardest of all to perform. But given the fact that Curtis is a professional dancer, we have no doubts it is something he could have mastered!

Check out the video for all the details on how to get into this trending position!

Image: The Sun

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