New Islander's Ex Slams 'Absolutely Savage' Behaviour
New Islander's Ex Slams 'Absolutely Savage' Behaviour
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New Islander's Ex Slams 'Absolutely Savage' Behaviour

Love Island 2020 hasn’t even started yet but it looks like the snakey behaviour has already begun… Newly announced Islander Connor Durman has been slammed by his ex-girlfriend Stevie-Leigh for lying about their four year relationship and planning to go on Love Island whilst they were still together…

Winter Love Island is set to hit our screens for the very first time in just a matter of days – with the first episode due to air on Sunday 12th January on ITV2. In preparation for the new series, ITV have officially revealed the line-up of new Islanders who’ll be heating up our evenings for the next couple of months.

However, it seems that one of the new Islanders has already been indulging in some pretty muggy behaviour – before he’s even set foot in the villa. 25-year-old Connor Durman claimed in his pre-show interviews that he’s been single and ‘only been on a few dates in the last six months’ – and his girlfriend of four years is not happy.

Stevie-Leigh took to Instagram to rage at her ex’s lies – accusing him of making out he’s been living a single life in Australia when in actual fact they were living together, shared a dog and were planning to buy a home. The devastated Brit even revealed that she’s still in Australia now after coming back to the country on Connor’s visa.

She told the Daily Mail: ‘We had a French bulldog together called Rex, we did everything together but he's said 'I did everything myself'. He didn't, I cooked, cleaned and did every single thing for that boy. He did nothing on his own. I've been reading from his interview that he went on a date with a girl and it were the best date ever – I don't know when that was but he was seeing me, we went to Thailand together in July last year, we were planning on buying a house together!’

Stevie-Leigh, who is due to stay in Australia until October, has vowed to turn her Instagram off for the entire series of Love Island and has described the situation as ‘horrendous’. Meanwhile, whilst Connor has admitted that he’s cheated in the past, he’s now promised that he’s ‘mature now’ and knows what he wants…

By Kim Scott

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