Mummy’s boy Aaron Simpson is all set to enter Love Island

Love Island would welcome Aaron Simpson, who is a professional footballer and has his eyes set on Chloe Burrows and Mary Bedford.

Former Kilmarnock footballer Aaron Simpson will make a surprise arrival in the villa and, new bombshells make their entrance. The 24-year-old hunk has secretly jetted to Majorca to take part in the show and will arrive in Sunday night’s episode.

Kent-born Aaron has his eyes on girls from a few of the solid connections in the villa. He says he is pretty picky when it comes to dating but has his eyes on Chloe and Mary. In an interview, he told Daily Star Sunday:

A lot of people have an assumption of me as being a typical player, but I got all of that out of my system when I was younger.

Aaron is a mummy’s boy

Although he has his eyes set on the gorgeous women of the villa, he confessed to being a mummy’s boy and admits that the girls would have to match his mother’s high standard. He said:

Sometimes it can be hard to know if someone is genuine or not. My mum is really protective over me. The approval is always needed from mumsy, for sure.

Not only would the girls have to seek approval from his mum, but he also wants a serious relationship now and would like someone who is as family-oriented as he is. He further admitted in the interview that:

My family is really important to me. I’m very close to my mum, dad and my sister. I’ve got a massive family, so I want someone that can deal with that.
I’m definitely looking for a long-lasting relationship. I’m ready to settle down now.

Aaron gets what he wants

Aaron, who has played for Portsmouth and Sutton United, is excited to make his debut on the reality tv show. Both the girls who are his personality ‘type’ are in a relationship, but the hunk is least bothered and is prepared to fight what he wants, he said:

I won’t do it behind your back… I’ll openly tell you I’m about to steal your girl! That doesn’t really phase me at all.
As long as I’m not doing anything snakey or behind your back, I don’t really see the problem.

According to him, he would be turning heads as he enters the villa and have a fun time while he is still there. He said:

I’m going to bring fun, good energy and positive vibes. I think a couple of the girls' heads will be turning when I go in there.
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