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Mike And Leanne Seem Due To Split As Leanne Suggests They 'Slow Things Down'

Just as it seemed the pair was all butterflies and rainbows, after watching last night's episode, it looks as though our favourite couple could be headed for an early split!

Mike Boateng and Leanne Amaning have been winning the hearts of fans the past few episodes as they seemed to really click. After Mike was stolen from Leanne by Jess, Mike confessed that he still had strong feelings for her.

'Some might even call it butterflies...'

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Protect at all costs 🥺❤️

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However, following Tuesday's shocking teaser, last night we got a full scope of what seems to be the reality of the situation. Leanne really seems to not be feeling it.

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He’s a lucky one isn’t he 😉@michaelboateng01

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After pulling Leanne aside to chat, Mike opened up and revealed he really could not get read on Leanne about how she felt. She followed up by suggesting they 'slow things down', stating that things were moving just a tad too quickly for her.

To end it all off, Leanne gave Mike a high-five, which to fans felt more like a slap in the face, but eh, Mike seemed to take it in good spirits. After all, if she's not feeling it, she's not feeling it... What can you do? Perhaps he can couple up with Sophie since lots of fans were wishing for it after a backstage photo of the two was leaked.

Nevertheless, fans felt the need to give their two cents about the situation:

One commented: "Let’s be honest, Leanne is not feeling Mike, she don’t like him, talking about going back to square one with a high-five what?!"

And another wrote: "I get Leanne wants to take things slow (undoubtedly because she's nervous), but high-fiving Mike? Is she TRYING to put herself in the friend zone?!"

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We're looking forward to seeing more drama unfold in tonight's episode!

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