Megan Barton Hanson SKIPS Dancing On Ice Following Vanessa Feud

After supposedly clearing up her feud with professional ice dancer Vanessa Bauer this week, Megan Barton Hanson was conspicuously absent from the Dancing On Ice audience this Sunday - as Wes and Vanessa topped the leaderboard with their Hairspray routine.

There's a pretty high chance that just as many viewers tuned in to ITV's Dancing On Ice this weekend in the hopes of seeing some more drama between Megan, Vanessa and Wes as they did to see the actual skating. However, many fans were left disappointed as Megan skipped the live shows this week, staying at home as Wes and Vanessa stunned the judges with their impressive routine to Hairspray's 'You Can't Stop The Beat'.

After sharing several snaps of his victorious evening, Wes was quick to add a photo of himself and Megan together to his Insta story, accompanied by the caption: 'Shattered now. Can't wait to get back to Megan. She's been so unwell today, make sure you send her a kind message.'

Megan has seemingly been struck down by a kidney infection, as earlier this week she took to her story asking fans for advice ahead of her date night with Wes: 'Any pain relief tips for a kidney/bladder infection… it’s finally date night and I’m going even if I’m curled into the shape of a pretzel.’

However, many fans remained sceptical about Megan's reasons for skipping the show and suggested that Wes and Vanessa looked 'awkward' together despite their stunning routine.

Check out the video above for all the latest on the drama!

Image source: Getty Images

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