Malin Andersson Slams Justin Bieber's 'Vile' April Fool's Prank

Former Love Island star Malin Andersson has slammed Justin Bieber for his April Fool's Day joke after the singer tricked his Instagram followers into believing that his wife Hailey Baldwin was pregnant.

It seems like Justin Bieber missed the memo that jokes about pregnancy aren't generally acceptable anymore - as he trolled his followers into believing that he and wife Hailey Baldwin were expecting.

The Canadian popstar got over 6 million likes on his first post 'announcing' the pregnancy, which showed an ultrasound scan, as thousands of fans rushed to congratulate him. Justin followed up his post with photos of Hailey touching her stomach in a doctor's room with the caption 'If U thought it was April Fools'.

However, when Justin revealed that it was all a joke, many of his followers were angry, with one commenting: 'This is not funny. This is not cute. Millions of woman struggle to get pregnant. 1 in 8 woman struggle to get pregnant. 1 in 4 have experienced the loss of a baby. Pregnancy is not a joke. You’re a selfish idiot.'

Meanwhile, former Love Island star Malin Andersson, who tragically lost her newborn daughter Consy after she was born prematurely, slammed the singer's prank which she branded 'vile'.

Malin had previously shared a post to her Twitter feed, reminding people not to make April Fool's jokes about mental illness/suicide, coming out, pregnancy, cheating/breaking up, cancer/terminal illness or sexual assault. The timing of Justin's ill-judged prank was especially insensitive as April 1st fell on the day after Mother's Day - a particularly difficult day for many people dealing with bereavement or fertility issues.

Take a look at the video above for more on what Malin had to say - and to see Justin's response.

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