Lucinda speaks out about rumours she’s still with her ex

Lucinda Strafford has responded to rumours she’s still dating Aaron Connolly—and revealed what he was really doing with her dog.

Before she was dumped from the Love Island villa last week, rumours were rife that Lucinda Strafford wasn’t really as single as she was letting on. Anonymous sources claimed she had secretly rekindled her romance with footballer Aaron Connolly before going on the show—and he was even seen looking after her dog.

Was Lucinda dating Aaron Connolly?

Now that she’s out of the villa, Lucinda is setting the record straight. In an interview with MailOnline, Lucinda confirmed:

I am completely and utterly single. Never in a million years would I go on Love Island if I was in a relationship, and I'm sure if I had a boyfriend, he wouldn't be very happy with it either.

Addressing the rumours about her ex Aaron Connolly directly, she said:

We ended quite dramatically at the start of March but then we made friends, and we share a dog, it's a shared dog and he's been looking after it. It was at my mum's house and my mum couldn't look after three dogs, so it seemed right, he was looking after it.

She continued:

We broke up quite a while ago now, but the ship has definitely sailed between him and me. He had no idea I was going on Love Island, and it was a shock to him. Apparently, he drove me to the airport, which is a complete and utter lie, I got a taxi. Hopefully, he's moved on and I definitely have. It was a funny rumour!

Lucinda x PrettyLittleThing?

Although she seems to have seen the funny side of the rumours, Lucinda also admitted she was upset by rumours she was only on Love Island to get a Pretty Little Thing deal. She said she’s now worried about people’s reactions but ‘if opportunities do come my way it would be silly for me to say no due to some people's opinions.’

Love Island Lucinda’s ex Aaron Connolly posts video of her dog as she returns to UK Love Island Lucinda’s ex Aaron Connolly posts video of her dog as she returns to UK