Lucinda shared photos from her ex-boyfriend’s house weeks before show

Lucinda Strafford might have reunited with her ex-boyfriend and football player Aaron Connolly before she entered the villa.

Lucinda has been quite a hot topic ever since she entered the show. After recent rumours of her ex looking after her dog while she is in the villa, fans have found new proof against her. Lucinda Strafford might not really be single. She shared photos from a house where she lived with her alleged boyfriend, Aaron Connolly, before entering the villa.

Reportedly, details of a new joint Instagram account have come to the surface. Lucinda and Aaron operated the account together to share details of their luxury home in Brighton. An Instagram account called ourfirsthomeno4 – which has now been deleted – was the account through which both Lucinda and Aaron shared snaps of their house.

Joint Instagram Account Posts

The couple shared photos of the interior of the house and outside view from their joint account. Lucinda herself shared a picture in the past showing snaps of unpacking huge boxes, presumably their move-in day. Ever since then, the photos of the shared account kept coming in.

From the glamorous kitchen with marble worktops, gleaming brass lamps, luxurious bar stools, dining table, patio, stand-in shower to the fireplace and light grey carpeting. The account posted about every detail of the house. Lucinda shared all this almost three weeks ago - which was approximately two weeks before she entered the villa. Thus, fans have become suspicious that they might have rekindled their romance.

Have they really reconciled?

Lucinda recently coupled with controversial Danny Bibby and kissed Aaron Francis in a recent episode. Although, a source reported to The Sun and claimed Aaron and Lucinda have rekindled and said:

Lucinda and Aaron reconciled before she went on Love Island.

Further, he also added, the plan was to keep it a secret since the show has rigid rules against it. The source argued:

It was meant to be a big secret because there are strict rules about it. No one wants to watch a dating show where the stars are really pining for lovers back home.
Aaron was only too happy looking after Lucinda’s dog. It makes him feel like they are still the couple they are.

One of Lucinda’s pictures also has a background – an outdoor hot tub- which hints that she did live with Aaron. However, a TV insider has claimed that Lucinda is definitely single and these rumours mean nothing. Lucinda seems to be a mystery after all.

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