Love Island's Wes Speaks Out About Cheating Rumours And Why His Relationship With Megan Is So Strong

He has something to say to anyone who doubted him after seeing THOSE pictures.

Love Island's Meg Barton worked up a rather negative reputaion for herself after she pursued Wes on the show whilst he was still in an active relationship with co-star Laura Anderson. As a result, her actions received a major backlash from viewers and she was branded a 'snake'. However, the pair fought to prove their critics wrong since having coupled up in the villa and it seems their love had beein growing stronger ever since.

Meanwhile, Laura Anderson had coupled up with Paul Knopps within the last couple of weeks of the show and they went on to win the second place out of the 4 remaining couples on the show. Unfortunately the pair didn't last and split up several weeks after the 2018 finale.

Things went very differently for Meg and Wes, where although they didn't win Love Island, they were one of our favourite couples from the class of 2018. Since leaving the villa they seem to have gone from strength to strength - moving in together shortly afterwards and supporting each other in TV appearances and on social media. In fact, Meg and Wes remained one of the few couples that stayed together once this year's show had ended.

After having initial doubts when it came to moving in together outside the villa and fearing they'd be "at each other's throats", the lovebirds settled in nicely: "We essentially lived with each other in the villa for eight weeks so it’s not too different, except we have clean up after ourselves and cook. I lived with my mum and dad before so I’m learning the ropes," Wes humbly explains.

It wasn't long before allegations of Wes cheating emerged, when photos seemingly showing Wes kissing female fans at a meet-and-greet made their way online. Meanwhile, Meg was enjoying a girls' night out with her former co-star, Samira Mighty. So what happened? Were the rumours true?

Wes has spoken out and revealed why his relationship with Megan is stronger than ever - check out the video above to see what he had to say!

Megan And Wes Admit They Can't Believe This Love Island Couple Is Still Together Megan And Wes Admit They Can't Believe This Love Island Couple Is Still Together