Love Island's Faye Winter fixed her botched Botox with a sex toy

Love Island beauty Faye Winter does not give a hoot about what anyone thinks and is explicitly honest about herself.

Faye Winter has been at the receiving end of many negative comments because of her lip fillers. However, that never stopped the beauty from getting them done and not caring about what others think. She has always been honest about how she has got her lips and boobs done and does not feel any shame in it.

During one of the tasks on Love Island, Faye’s lips got injured and as such, it was needed for her to get them fixed. When she recently got her filler dissolved, she got tons of comments that her natural lips look better, but the beauty went ahead and got the fillers done again anyway. According to her, all the comments on her fillers are backhanded compliments and thus, she said:

They looked hideous without filler — so wrinkly, like a raisin. They would have rejuvenated in time, but there wasn’t one part of me that was going to allow them to stay like that. I prefer me with lip filler.

Sex toy to the rescue

Faye has been always very honest about any procedures that she has got done on herself and prides herself on her honesty. The 26-year-old believes it is her responsibility to be truthful about her procedures because people look up to her.

I never want to hide the fact I’ve had my lips done or my breasts enlarged because denying what you’ve had done can cause harm to young people. They want to look like you, but can’t.

Speaking from her bad experience, Faye also told people to be extra careful while choosing their doctors, as she had to use a sex toy to fix her botched Botox.

I was going up to London and it’s a three-hour drive. I had my car in cruise control so I could just hold the toothbrush on my eyebrow.
Then I realised the toothbrushes were in the back of my car, so I was rummaging around my handbag and I found a vibrator and I thought, ‘Sod it, that’ll do’. So I shoved it on and was driving along with a dildo on my head.

Not here to please anyone

Faye has been brutally honest about such things and as such, she receives a lot of hate comments as well. Faye had her first boob job done when she was18 and another one at 22 when she also got her lip fillers done for the first time. However, they do not have any effect on her and she boldly goes on to live her own life.

I will never be influenced by anyone else’s opinion. I don’t do anything for anyone else. I’m not here to please every Tom, Dick and Harry.
Love Island: Faye Winter's incredible transformation after gaining weight and Botox mishap Love Island: Faye Winter's incredible transformation after gaining weight and Botox mishap