Love Island’s Dr Alex cheated on his ex-girlfriend ‘at least four times’ way before dumping her

Love Island star Dr Alex George was reportedly sexting other women, while still seeing ex-girlfriend Ellie Hecht.

Ellie, a barrister clerk, and the former reality star Dr Alex George had been dating since January 2021 and went public with their romance last June, but they called it quits earlier this month. Dr Alex George, who found fame on 2018’s Love Island was reportedly never loyal in his relationship with lover Ellie Hecht.

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He cheated on ex-girlfriend Ellie at least four times before dumping her and abandoning their dog. The Sun reports that before dumping Ellie Hecht, Dr Alex cheated on her at least four times. Ellie was distraught when the 31-year-old sexted several women during their relationship. Screenshots of various communications with many different ladies have been seen by The Sun. According to a close acquaintance of the couple:

Alex cheated on Ellie very early on in their relationship but she chose to forgive him and move on.
She has really been his rock during a very difficult time for him and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Unfortunately, Alex went on to sext a number of other women during their relationship and it all came to a head when someone contacted Ellie and spilled the beans about what he had been up to.

While Dr Alex had insisted that he hadn’t slept with anyone and the cheating was limited to virtual mediums only. However, it has been challenging for Ellie to trust him. The source added:

Ellie is really struggling to believe him though because he was often away on work trips and messages showed him begging to meet girls in hotel rooms.

So much for forgiveness

The couple split earlier this year, just after jetting out on a romantic holiday to Mauritius. Although neither Alex nor Ellie have addressed it publicly. Ellie is claimed to have forgiven him even after all the infidelity, but Alex ended their relationship this year. The source confirmed:

It was a real shock for Ellie because they had just bought a dog together. She had to pack up and find somewhere else to live quickly – and has become the solo carer for the pup, Freddie.
Everyone thinks Alex is perfect, but his grief over his brother just isn’t an excuse to treat Ellie like that.
The news has really upset their friendship group, especially as Alex has been out partying with other girls already since.

A request for a response from Alex's representative was not returned.

Dr Alex George's ex opens up about being cheated on 'at least four times' Dr Alex George's ex opens up about being cheated on 'at least four times'