Love Island villa evacuated after COVID breach

The Love Island villa had to be evacuated earlier this week after an intruder found his way onto the premises.

YouTube prankster Omer Majid sparked chaos by trespassing on the Love Island 2021 filming location this week. He was stopped by security before entering the villa itself and didn’t have any contact with the Islanders but the breach meant they had to leave the villa while it was thoroughly cleaned to avoid any risk of COVID infection.

Love Island villa break-in

Speaking after the break-in on Tuesday, a Love Islandspokesperson confirmed:

Last night a security breach was identified and an intruder was removed from the Villa with immediate effect. The safety of both our islanders and our production crew remains our primary concern.

They continued:

As part of our stringent COVID safety measures, the Villa area that was trespassed has been fully deep cleaned before being made accessible again to the islanders and crew.

Omer Majid speaks out about his villa break-in

In an interview with the Daily Star, Omer Majid revealed that he had travelled to Majorca from the UK specifically to break into the Love Island villa. He says he found the rough location through Internet research and spent the day before he broke in driving around looking for a way in.

He waited until night before attempting to enter the villa, accompanied by a cameraman who was live-streaming the experience to Instagram. He said:

We heard a noise and saw a flash light. At this moment we got scared and stood still and I could just hear radios as they looked for us. Luckily the security on the other side moved away as they spotted my camera man and told him to get out I then ran for the villa and called my friend so he could put me back on the live stream.
Love Island intruder reveals how he got into the villa Love Island intruder reveals how he got into the villa