Love Island Lucinda’s ex Aaron Connolly posts video of her dog as she returns to UK

There have been a lot of rumours that Lucinda and Aaron are actually still together.

Lucinda Strafford and Aaron Francis just missed out on their places in Casa Amor when they were dumped from Love Island on Sunday. They left the villa as an unofficial couple, with Aaron promising a surprise first date for Lucinda and both appearing keen to see how things would progress.

Lucinda and Aaron... or Aaron?

But Lucinda may have another Aaron waiting for her at home. There have been a lot of rumours that she and her supposed ex-boyfriend, footballer Aaron Connolly, are actually secretly still together. He has even reportedly been looking after her dog whilst she was in Majorca.

Aaron (Connolly) has fuelled these rumours by posting a video of a white pug in his car to his Instagram story. Now either Aaron coincidentally owns a white pug that looks a lot like Lucinda’s pup Milo (who features on her Instagram grid) or he really has been dogsitting for Lucinda while she was in the villa...

‘When you spot a 10/10’

In another hint that he might be looking forward to reuniting with Lucinda, Aaron captioned the clip of the excited-looking pup ‘When you spot a 10/10’. The most recent post on Aaron’s grid (actually from 15 weeks ago) shows him getting in a car—and has been flooded with comments from Love Island fans jokingly asking if he’s off to get Lucinda at the airport.

According to a source:

Lucinda and Aaron reconciled before she went on Love Island. It was meant to be a big secret because there are strict rules about it. No one wants to watch a dating show where the stars are really pining for lovers back home. Aaron was only too happy looking after Lucinda’s dog. It makes him feel like they are still the couple they are.
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