Love Island Execs Under Fire For “Offensive” Response Over Body Diversity

Love Island, the UK’s most-watched reality TV show, is set to hit our screens in just a few days and despite calls for body diversity, ITV2 producers have released an “appalling” response which has angered fans. Check out the video to see the controversial response!

The on-screen dating show has come under fire for a whole host of reasons in recent years. Following the deaths of two former islanders, ITV2 bosses have been forced to make dramatic changes to the application process including mental health check-ups and STI screenings before entering the villa along with free aftercare following their exits.

But that is not the only thing bothering viewers. ITV2 bosses, despite constant backlash due to a lack of body diversity, have continued to air “Identikit” body types. The public have appealed to Love Island to comment on the matter but their response has left the public wishing they had never asked.

Fans are upset, convinced that the show reinforces unrealistic beauty standards. Following a defence released by Love Island detailing why they choose their islanders people are furious.

One Twitter user wrote, “This is so much more offensive than not responding”. Another user went deeper by interpreting what ITV2 bosses had implied explaining, “So basically saying people can’t be attracted to non-conforming size, if you’re larger you can’t find love.”

Despite controversy, the show is set to return 3rd June for the fifth series of the show. Check out the video to find out what bosses had to say!

Image: Vice

We Might Not Be Getting Body Diversity On This Year's Love Island After All We Might Not Be Getting Body Diversity On This Year's Love Island After All