Love Island Boss Speaks Out About Caroline Flack Return

Iconic Love Island presenter Caroline Flack has stepped down from the upcoming first series of Winter Love Island following her arrest for assault before Christmas. She has been replaced by fellow ITV host Laura Whitmore but now an ITV boss has spoken out about whether Caroline could still return.

Love Island Boss Speaks Out About Caroline Flack Return
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Will Caroline Flack come back to Love Island? It’s a question that’s been on many of our lips since the 40-year-old presenter announced that she was stepping down from the upcoming series of Winter Love Island 2020. It’s since been announced that she’ll be replaced by Laura Whitmore – but is there a chance Caroline could return?

Caroline announced in an emotional Instagram statement that she was stepping down to avoid negative attention towards the show in the light of her arrest, writing: ‘Love Island has been my world for the last five years, it’s the best show on telly. In order to not detract attention from the upcoming series I feel the best thing I can do is to stand down for Series 6. I want to wish the incredible team working on the show a fantastic series in Cape Town.’

The former Love Island presenter has also been supportive of her replacement, Laura Whitmore, who says Caroline sent her a message prior to her appointment saying ‘I really hope you do get to do this series.’ The friends have reportedly been in close contact since, with Laura describing Caroline as being ‘very kind’ to her.

Now, Love Island’s commissioning editor Amanda Stavri has spoken out about whether Caroline Flack could potentially return to Love Island in a future series. According to Amanda, ‘the door is open’ and producers are in ‘constant contact’ with Caroline. So it looks like we definitely could be seeing a Caroline Flack come back for a future series of Love Island.

What did Caroline Flack do?

Caroline Flack was arrested at her Islington home in the early hours of December 12th ‘after reports of a man being assaulted’. Whilst gruesome photographs have emerged from the scene, Flack’s boyfriend Lewis Burton – believed to have been the victim – has since defended Caroline, claiming she has been subjected to a ‘witch hunt’. Caroline pleaded not guilty to assault in court on December 23rd and will face trial on March 5th.