Laura Anderson Finally Breaks Silence On Wes And Megan Split - And It's Not What You'd Expect

They lasted much longer than many of us expected them to, but six months after leaving the villa, Megan Barton Hanson and Wes Nelson have officially split. After Megan's muggy behaviour towards her in the villa last summer, many of us imagined Wes' ex Laura Anderson would be feeling pretty smug right about now. But she's actually had a pretty surprising reaction to the split...

It's been a bad couple of weeks for Love Island fans as fan favourite couples Josh and Kaz and Megan and Wes have both announced their splits. As is custom, the break-up announcements have been surrounded by plenty of drama, and their ex-Love Island castmates haven't been able to resist getting involved in the drama.

Laura Anderson - who was coupled up with Wes in the villa before he cracked on with Megan - has now spoken out about the two most recent break-ups in an interview with the Daily Mail.

'It was a shock. I am close with Kaz and both still love each other. It's a difficult one...' Laura said of Josh and Kaz's split. 'They mutually, between them, decided to split. I don't know what that means for their future, and I know that it was a difficult choice. I adore both of them, and I know they’re okay…Even I don’t 100 percent know what happened.'

Laura then went on to speak about Megan and Wes' break-up, and it's safe to say her reaction was pretty different...

Check out the video above to see what she had to say about her ex and Megan splitting!

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Wes Finally Breaks His Silence After Split From Megan Wes Finally Breaks His Silence After Split From Megan