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Joe Garratt Just Dropped A Massive Hint He's Heading BACK Into Casa Amor

Barely a week after his shock exit, it looks like ex-Islander Joe Garratt could be heading right back into the villa - as he posts an intriguing photo which has got everyone talking... Check out the video above to see the photo for yourself!

On Day 1 of Love Island, many people had picked Joe Garratt out as a potential winner of Love Island 2019. He coupled up with laid-back surfer chick Lucie Donlan and things seemed to be going perfectly for them... until boxer Tommy Fury swooped in and stole Lucie for a date.

Things turned sour for sandwich man Joe as he let his jealousy get away with him and began to turn viewers off with his 'controlling' behaviour towards Lucie. With viewers slamming his 'red flag' behaviour, it came as somewhat less of a surprise when he became one of the first Islanders to be voted out of the villa.

Since his exit, Joe has returned to the UK and has had the chance to appear on several TV and radio interviews to defend his behaviour in the villa, insisting that he had no idea how he was being perceived whilst filming.

Joe told The Sun: 'I always had Lucie’s best interests at heart and I promise you I would do everything and anything to help her because she had a hard time in there and didn’t get on with the girls. I was trying to help her and make her experience as amazing as possible. I thought I did right.'

Whilst a tearful Lucie had to be persuaded to stay in the villa by the other girls following his exit last week, she has now admitted that she would be open to pursuing a relationship with a new lad - and even said she'd 'never say never' to romance with Tommy Fury - despite Joe promising to wait for her on the outside.

If Joe really is heading back into the villa (or Casa Amor!?), this could mean huge drama as we'll see what he thinks of Lucie's latest admissions! Will he forgive her or will the 'trust' be totally gone?

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Check out the video above to see the massive hint that Joe is heading back to the villa!

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