Jess Hayes: This Love Islander's weight loss transformation will leave you floored

Winner of the first series of Love Island, Jess Hayes, is now completely unrecognisable following an unbelievable weight loss transformation.

Champion of Love Island S1, Jess Hayes, has gone through a lot since her time of the show. From losing her baby due to a miscarriage at 19 weeks of gestation, to splitting up with her fiancé soon after their loss, the 28-year-old was long overdue for a complete overhaul.

A complete makeover

The mother-of-one took to social media to reveal her brand new self. Hayes has since lost three stone and has gotten a breast augmentation to give her the figure she always dreamed of.

In an interview with New! magazine, Hayes revealed having lost her sense of self after the turmoil she went through following several devastating life events. She explained:

Over the years I've had two pregnancies, then with the break-up and everything, I've never really focused on myself. I struggled to lose my baby weight, even two-and-a-bit years on.

And added:

I just wasn't living a healthy lifestyle. I got to a point where I didn't feel confident any more and just felt rubbish. I thought, 'I've got to do this for me and my son. I was 12st 7lbs, and I'm now 9st 7lbs. I'm about 5ft 5in, so I was overweight and now I'm what I should be.

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'I feel like I'm the old Jess again'

To get back into shape, Hayes religiously followed a meal plan from MuscleFood and also hit the gym twice a week. In just a matter of months, she dropped two whole dress sizes. And to make matters ever better, she is now in a very loving and healthy relationship with a man who has helped her every step of the way. Talking about her new beau, she said things are flowing smoothly and that it feels like things are 'meant to be' with him.

However, this time around, she has also decided to keep her new relationship a little bit more private and not divulge too much as she had the tendency of doing previously.

Love Island’s Jess Hayes opens up about split from fiancé Love Island’s Jess Hayes opens up about split from fiancé