Jake Paul shares screenshot of DM from Molly-Mae

Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul has continued trying to provoke Tommy Fury by sharing a screenshot of a DM supposedly sent to him by Tommy’s girlfriend.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have had beef for a long time now—and it looks like things are only about to get worse, as he has now dragged Tommy’s girlfriend Molly-Mae into things. However, his plan to wind the boxer up may have backfired due to one little detail...

Jake Paul shares Molly-Mae screenshot

In his latest video goading Tommy, Jake Paul shared a screenshot showing a message supposedly sent to him by Molly-Mae on 15th October 2018 which read:

Might be coming to America later this year and have always been a fan of your videos 🤍. Maybe you can show me around?!😋

Molly-Mae has quickly taken to Twitter to debunk the screenshot, writing:

Times must be hard when you're having to fake a DM.... Photoshop is scary.

Her boyfriend Tommy Fury retweeted her message, accompanied by the caption ‘Literally😴 😴’.

‘Proof’ Molly-Mae’s DM to Jake Paul is fake

Meanwhile, several of Molly-Mae’s sleuthing followers noticed that the white heart emoji she supposedly used in the direct message didn’t actually come out until 2019. That makes it a little hard to believe that it could really have been a genuine message from 2019.

Meanwhile, Tommy and the rest of the Furys have sent a video message to Jake in which Tommy says:

This boxing s*** is in my blood, I don't play boxing.

His big brother Tyson goes on to promise:

Any time, any place, anywhere. Tommy's knocking Jake the f*** out!

Fighting talk indeed...

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