Jack Fincham Reveals He Struggled To Leave The House In Secret Battle With Severe Anxiety

Love Island winner Jack Fincham has spoken out for the first time about his long battle with severe anxiety and depression. In a candid interview, Jack revealed that he has suffered from problems with his mental health since the age of 13, in a struggle that came to a head when he was in his early 20s.

In the aftermath of ex-Love Island contestant Mike Thalassitis' tragic death, more and more reality TV stars have been speaking out about their mental health. Some - such as Malin Andersson and Jonny Mitchell - have criticised producers of Love Island for their lack of aftercare for contestants whilst others have defended the show.

Jack Fincham has spoken out in an emotional interview with GQ, in which he reveals his past struggles with both depression and anxiety. Jack revealed that he has had therapy for his mental health issues from the age of 13.

Whilst he overcame his worst period of mental health when he was 22, Jack says coming out of Love Island has still presented new challenges: 'What annoys me the most is people who will comment, ‘You look rubbish in what you’re wearing there’ or ‘I don’t like your hair’ or something. And when I’m being silly and sometimes respond, they’ll say, ‘Well, I’m entitled to my opinion.’ And I just think, if your opinion might upset someone, why give it? I wouldn’t go up to someone walking down a public road and go, ‘You look really rubbish in your outfit today,’ and when I upset them, then go, ‘Well, I’m entitled to my opinion. It’s a public road.’ I’m not like that.'

'Just because you’ve been on TV doesn’t mean you’ve become bulletproof,' Jack said.

Take a look at the video above for more on Jack's past, and the important message he now has to share...

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