Georgia Steel's New Boyfriend Revealed To Be Convicted Criminal

Georgia Steel has been spotted getting very cosy with a mystery man in Central London this week. He has now been identified as Medi Abalimba - a disgraced former footballer who has just been released following a four-year jail term.

Her relationship with Love Island's Sam Bird may have ended in tears but it looks like Georgia, who celebrated her 21st birthday last week, is moving on. She has been photographed cosying up to 26-year-old former footballer and convicted fraudster Medi Abalimba, who she has reportedly been dating for several weeks.

Georgia was apparently unaware of her new beau's criminal past until the story broke in the press, forcing him to come clean. Medi told The Sun: 'I’ve apologised to Georgia. I said sorry this has caused such an issue. I think she wanted to understand how it all went wrong for me. She was shocked. Initially she was concerned for me. She was upset. She assumed everyone knew except her.’

Medi also claims that he never saw Georgia on Love Island - because he was in prison at the time. The new couple reportedly met on a night out with mutual friends.

As well as his fraud charges, Medi also got into trouble whilst inside for getting into a sexual relationship with a prison nurse, Elizabeth Hutton, who was subsequently sent to prison herself.

Check out the video above for all the details of Medi's misdemeanours - and what he had to say about what he calls his and Georgia's 'Beauty and the Beast' relationship...

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