Georgia and Sam Caught In Raging Clash While Filming The Christmas Special

Georgia and Sam Caught In Raging Clash While Filming The Christmas Special

After the pair had formerly split up following Georgia cheating allegations, to say they had a bitter bust-up would be an understatement...

It's safe to say as this season's festivities are nearing, we are bottling up with excitement. Not only does this mean that we can drink as much prosecco as we want whilst stretcing out our waistline, but we also get to catch up with the Love Island lot since the show reached its finale back in August. 

Whilst some couples have remained stronger than ever, this wasn't quite the case when former couple Sam Bird and Georgia Steel came face to face with each other once again after split following Georgia allegedly cheating on Sam with tour manager Steven West. Sam had released a statement following initial split announcement, explaining the true problem behind the break-up - and it turned out there was a twist: “Claims that Georgia has cheated on me with our tour manager and friend Stevie Lux is NOT true. It involves her ex.”

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Moving three months forward, it seems not all wounds have healed when Sam confronted Georgia  regarding his discovery of Georgia's secrecy and disloyalty before onlooking fellow Islanders. And things turned even uglier as the camera still continued rolling...  


• Will Armstrong
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