Flack Fights Off Love Island Controversy In Lead Up To 2019 Series

Reality TV has received an unprecedented amount of backlash in recent times as the public have attempted to draw connections between reality TV appearances and the untimely deaths of contestants. However Caroline Flack has stepped in to defend the launch of Love Island 2019. Check out the video to find out the huge change in store for participants in this year’s series.

Love Island has repeatedly come under fire in the media following the death of Steve Dymond, a former guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show. The untimely death incited ITV bosses to pull the plug on the show therefore Love Island is facing backlash as people wonder why it is still set to return for another series after the deaths of two former contestants, Sophie Garden and Mike Thalassitis.

With less than a couple weeks until the fifth series airs, Caroline Flack has decided to weigh in on the debate with her reasoning behind the show.

The ITV2 presenter argued, "Anyone who’s watched the last four series will know…The show is a journey of love and emotions that everyone can relate to and learn from. We are a feelgood show.”

She also raised the idea that there is a tendency to criticise anything that gains popularity nowadays. “When something becomes popular there seems to be a desire to pull it to pieces and overanalyse it.”

Finally she stepped in to defend the support ITV2 bosses provide for Love Island participants explaining that she “[has] witnessed first hand the amount of first-class care that is given to islanders before and after the show.”

Watch the video to see what Love Island are now providing to all islanders.

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Caroline Flack Teases 2019 Love Island Series Caroline Flack Teases 2019 Love Island Series