Faye admits she hasn’t spoken to Millie or Chloe after the show

Love Island Faye Winter recently revealed on her Instagram that she hasn’t spoken to the winners since the show ended.

ITV’s Love Island ended recently where Millie Court and Liam Reardon not only won the fans' hearts but also the show. The outgoing beauty Faye Winter made it to the finals of the series but apparently, she hasn’t caught up with all the finalists of the show after it ended.

Opening up in a Q&A on her Instagram, Faye revealed she has been in touch with a couple of Islander after the show, but what’s more surprising and shocking is who she hasn’t been in touch with after the show.

The Insta Show

Faye has been very active on Instagram ever since the show ended and has been dropping truth bombs for anyone who is curious to know what happened to the stars after the show. Answering one of the questions asked to her on her story, she said:

I've been in contact with a lot of the girls; Sharon, Abi, Rachel, and Kaz. I’ve also been in contact with AJ, Mary, and Clarisse.

Although knowing that she has been in touch with Clarisse is kind of surprising. She had clashed with Teddy in the villa after she saw his video footage where he accepted that he was attracted to Clarisse. What’s even more shocking is that she hasn’t spoken to the winner Millie Court, Chloe Burrows or Liberty Poole.

The Reunion

Although she hasn’t spoken to these bombshells, she is certain of meeting them in the reunion which is going to be held soon. She admitted she will be catching up with all of them on September 5, on the day of the reunion and said:

We will all be meeting up together, it will be at the reunion so you’ll be able to see it all.

Currently, all the UK contestants are in isolation, since Spain is on the amber list of the country. Faye’s isolation would end on Monday, which is only a few days before the reunion. On the other hand, Millie and Liam have been separated for ten days due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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