Fans claim Love Island is ‘fixed’ after Faye was saved from bottom six

Sunday night's bombshell episode has left fans wondering how 'real' Love Island really is.

In last night’s episode of Love Island, Laura Whitmore crashed the contestants' pool party with some rather disastrous news. The former Islander, and now-host of the show, revealed the six least favourite contestants of the public who were at risk from being ejected from the villa.

The contestants will now have to choose one girl and one boy to send back home.

Bombshell episode

The six potential dumpees include Kaz, Abi, May, Dale, Jake, and Tyler, but the results had some fans dumbfounded. Many Love Island followers believe that Faye should have been in the bottom six, and was saved because the show was ‘fixed.’

Faye’s public popularity took a plunge after fans were left shocked by her behaviour towards Teddy after clips of him in Casa Amor were displayed during movie night. Although Teddy stayed loyal during his four-day stay, he had told Clarisse that he found her ‘sexually attractive’ in one scene—and this rubbed on Faye the wrong way. She then accused Teddy of being ‘fake’ and ended their relationship, which was seemingly getting stronger by the day.

Faye’s downfall?

Fans believe that her distasteful reaction should have been taken into consideration and that she should be one of the six dumpees. One fan wrote on Twitter:

Sorry but how is Faye still in the show after her actions this week? Surely nobody still wants her there.

Another claimed that the show was probably fixed. They tweeted:

Fixed much? Producers must just want Faye there for the pure drama and b***hing. I was hoping she would be picked. Sorry, not sorry.

While some fans are fuming over the alleged fixed results, others pointed out that the public voting had stopped right before Faye and Teddy fought. Someone wrote:

Voting stopped before or just around when Faye and Teddy fought so I reckon that’s why she’s still there. I do still love her too.
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