Drop Everything - Jack And Dani Are Officially Back On!

After a weekend of emotional turmoil for Jack and Dani fans - it looks like the couple are officially back on!

We were all left heartbroken by Dani's announcement last Thursday that her relationship with Jack Fincham was over. After pretty much losing faith in love, it seems we can all breathe a sigh of relief as Dani's dad Danny has revealed that they are back together - or even that they never broke up in the first place!

Confused? Us too!

Just this morning we heard Jack slamming Dani for being too interested in 'publicity' and claiming that he definitely WOULDN'T take her back if she changed her mind.

Check out the video above to hear what light Danny Dyer had to shed on the whole situation!

Dani Dyer Hits Back At 'Dangerous' Love Island Claims Dani Dyer Hits Back At 'Dangerous' Love Island Claims