Dr. Alex Does NOT Look Like This Anymore

Dr. Alex Does NOT Look Like This Anymore

He may not have had much luck in the villa, but Dr. Alex has massively turned things around since his Love Island experience. Now, he's revealed a brand new look that's got his fans reeling...

Dr. Alex George had some trouble fitting in on Love Island this year - amid all the tanned, perfectly groomed Islanders, he had a bit of an unfortunate reaction to the sun which made him stick out like, well, a sore thumb. His awkward jokes didn't always land too well either and the doc didn't manage to stay coupled up for very long. 

Now though, Alex is doing great. He's gone back to his day job at the NHS as well as making the odd TV appearance - and he's finally found love. 

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This week, Dr. Alex shared a selfie that has left his fans reeling however - as he looks like a totally different man to the one who was on Love Island all summer.

Check out the video above to see Dr. Alex's transformation for yourself! 

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