Dr Alex calls for NHS representation on Love Island

Former Love Islander and A&E doctor, Dr Alex George, says he’s hoping to see some healthcare heroes in the 2021 villa.

Almost three years on from finding fame on Love Island, Dr Alex George says he’s ready to ‘move on’ and make room for a new medical professional reality star. He says ‘it makes sense’ for ITV to represent NHS staff on Love Island this year after their hard work throughout the pandemic.

Dr Alex on Love Island 2021

He told the Daily Mail:

It'll be good to see some representatives from the NHS there. I will be glad to see a doctor on the show or a nurse or someone within the healthcare system to represent every angle of society. I'm hoping they'll have diversity both in body and background.

Love Island NHS workers

So far, the Love Island 2021 line-up is rumoured to include both a junior doctor and a dentistry student. Dr Toluwa Adepeju was a frontline NHS worker throughout the pandemic and also used his social media following to educate his fans about the importance of vaccination and other COVID-related health issues.

However, Dr Tolu has taken to his YouTube channel to deny the rumours, saying:

For me to find that kind of time in my schedule would be incredibly difficult and we’re currently in a pandemic so obviously it’s not the wisest time to be doing something like this... I’m not planning to go on the show.

There’s a chance he was just trying to put us all off the scent but it sounds like Dr Tolu really isn’t heading to the villa this summer. Will the Love Island producers have found another healthcare worker for the show? There’s not long until we find out, as the show is expected to release the official line-up soon ahead of Love Island 2021’s launch at the end of this month.

Dr Alex George speaks out on diversity on Love Island this year Dr Alex George speaks out on diversity on Love Island this year